CARDIMMUN— A new therapeutic antibody with a personalised medicine approach in cardiovascular disease

The project, CARDIMMUN, aims to pursue development of the scientific findings from the FP6 project CVDImmune. The project was initiated Aug 1 2013 and completed July 31 2016.

Athera has developed a candidate drug and a diagnostic test – a marker to identify cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients that are at high risk of secondary events, based on patented discoveries that low levels of anti-PC (phosphorylcholine) indicate risk for future development of CVD. The candidate drug is an innovative fully human monoclonal antibody antibody, PC-mAb, that can block vascular inflammation. Together, the product concepts form a unique opportunity for a personalised medicine approach, with a companion diagnostic and a targeted intervention in an area that is still in great medical need, despite recent advances in therapy. The CARDIMMUN project has now taken PC-mAb into clinical development, with the First-in-Man study, a Phase I study in healthy volunteers, completed in 2015, and a First-in-Patient study, a Phase Ib study in severe PAD patients undergoing revascularisation, was completed in 2016.

Athera’s PC-mAb is targeting the market of reducing secondary cardiovascular events, focusing on high-risk patients with low anti-PC levels. According to plan, the data will enable a business agreement with Athera and a partner (probably big pharma) to enter into larger scale clinical trials by early 2017. PC-mAb could then be launched on the market as a new drug, with clear block-buster potential, by year 2020.

For more information contact CARDIMMUN Management Office: Carina Schmidt, CEO of Athera.

CARDIMMUN receives funding from the European Union, Seventh Framework Programme.